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Super Shine
Aluminum Polish

Recommended by Weld Racing, American Racing,
and Billet Specialties

"True to the original formula since 1993"



  • See results in seconds

  • Rapidly cuts through oxidation

  • Superior resistance against dulling 

  • Can be applied by hand or power buffed

  • Wipes away black residue quickly and easily

  • Provids a long-lasting, mirror-like finish 

Super Shine Aluminum Polish 16 FL OZ

Big Wheeler, NC

"Where have you been?

I was getting tired of Aluminum polishes until Chris turned me onto this hidden gem. I wish I'd found this stuff 20 years ago! Much better than all other I have tried!"

Dave Conrad, FL

"Very Impressive. I used it on my 2007 Harley Sportster and was very pleased with the highly polished shine it gave. I have at least seven partially used aluminum polishes that just haven't given me satisfaction. The Busch Aluminum Polish makes me smile. Just what I wanted. Thanks!"

87 Monte, CA

"Holy Shiny wheels Batman!

I always wondered how I can get my chrome wheels to look like a mirror without having to manually polish them. I have now found a way!"


Super Shine Aluminum Polish 16 FL OZ

1. Apply approximately a quarter size drop of Super Shine to a cotton cloth.


2. Spread it over a 1/2 square foot area of the wheel. ​

3. Keep rubbing until you achieve the desired shine.

4. Remove residue with the reverse of the cloth, or a fresh cloth for a perfect shine. 


This easy-to-use formula restores brilliance to uncoated aluminum wheels, fuel tanks, trailers, diamond plate, and trim. It can be applied by hand or power buffed, providing a long-lasting, mirror-like finish with superior protection from dulling and corrosion.


And, it’s not just all about car care and aluminum! Super Shine is an incredibly versatile household polish that works wonders on all metals including chrome and stainless steel, copper, brass, magnesium, bronze, silver and gold.       


Busch Polishes was founded in 1979 by racing industry veteran, Ted Busch. Originally formulated and manufactured in the garage of his home in Simsbury, CT, Busch relocated to Charlotte, NC in 1985 to immerse the business in the booming racing industry. Years later, Busch Polishes boasts a now-legendary line of products, ranging from Dual Lustre™ Tire Dressing and Clear Coated Wheel Wash to Waterless Wash & Wax and Super Shine Aluminum Polish - whose formulas have always remained the same due to their unmatched effectiveness. 

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